S.L.I.C.E Digital Affiliate Network

S.L.I.C.E Digital is the premier affiliate marketing network in New Zealand, with leading Kiwi brands and leading affiliates.

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We specialise in affiliate marketing
Experienced & friendly support
Experienced & friendly support

Our account managers are affiliate marketing experts, NZ based, and always available to help.

Easy to integrate & launch
Easy to integrate & launch

With our dedicated NZ based technical integration team, you can be up and running in hours.

New Zealand owned & operated
New Zealand owned & operated

New Zealand owned and operated. We are specialists in affiliate marketing for Kiwi brands.

We work with

Our top offers

Offer Commission, NZD
Opinion Compare $1.60
Healthpost 5.5%
SendFX Money Transfer $50.00
Platypus (NZ) 6.4%
Stadium Finance $187.50
Offer Commission, NZD
Moola $84.00
Wild Poppies 10%
Paper Plane Store 8%
Sephora NZ 8% and 4%
ONCEIT 4.875%

Our top affiliates

Affiliate Commission earned, NZD
Affiliate #1440 $862.75
Affiliate #999 $104.23
Affiliate #2348 $48.00
Affiliate #1518 $40.00
Affiliate #1261 $39.00

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