About S.L.I.C.E. Digital

S.L.I.C.E Digital is a New Zealand focused and New Zealand run affiliate marketing network. Our tracking and reporting platform enables both Kiwi and international brands to create commission-based relationships with third party advertising partners that promote their products or services, and generate sales.

Unlike other affiliate agencies, S.L.I.C.E Digital focuses on New Zealand advertisers and in doing so we attract New Zealand orientated affiliates. With 100+ advertisers and 5,000+ affiliates we have become the dominant market player in New Zealand. As well as local knowledge, we have experience in managing US, European, Russian and Australia affiliate programs. 

S.L.I.C.E. Digital was created by Gavin Male and Alex Grace. Gavin Male moved to NZ from the UK in 2014 after a 14 year career in the affiliate marketing sector in the UK, US and Europe. Surprised at the lack of affiliate marketing in NZ, Gavin organized a networking event for digital marketeers interested in learning more about affiliate marketing. It was here that he met Alex Grace, an expert in the technical aspects of affiliate marketing tracking technology and from here SLICE Digital was born.

Gavin and Alex drew on their international affiliate marketing expertise to create a platform to make affiliate marketing more affordable and accessible for Kiwis. They believe that affiliate marketing will play a significant role in generating incremental online sales and are passionate about connecting NZ advertisers with NZ affiliates to help grow their online revenue. Their first client, isubscribe.co.nz joined in 2015 and are still running successfully on the network today.

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