Gobaplay, the sister brand to the innovative Springfree Trampoline, is driven by the laughter and enjoyment that comes from family playtime. The brand embodies the spirit of its foundational philosophy, encapsulated by the acronym 'goba': "go outside and be active." This philosophy came to life over twenty years ago with the creation of the world’s safest trampoline, marking the beginning of a legacy in outdoor play.

At gobaplay, our mission is to enhance family life by promoting outdoor activities through our exceptional and uniquely designed play equipment. We ensure that each of our swings and climbing domes does more than just encourage physical activity; they capture the imagination with their distinctive designs. Our commitment to innovative design is paralleled by our dedication to quality, bringing families not just play equipment but pieces that contribute to a landscape of health, happiness, and creative outdoor play.

gobaplay Affiliate Program Highlights

Introductory Offer: Earn a 10% commission on every Swing Set or Dome sale
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Currently running a promo of $50 off all Swing Sets AND Climbing Dome PLUS free delivery- total savings of $150!
Our product is the best in the Swing set and Dome category
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Open to all promotional methods (except PPC)
Mobile-optimized website
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Program highlights

  • Earn a 10% commission on every Swing Set or Dome sale

  • Mobile-optimized website

  • Award Winning Kiwi Company

  • The best in the Swing set and Dome category

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