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No1 Currency is a foreign exchange business (owned by FEXCO Pacific) that has been operating across the Pacific for over 10 years. The core services No1 Currency offer are currency exchange and international money transfers through Western Union.

We now operate in 9 Pacific countries accross 65 locations and employ over 250 Staff. No1 Currency has airport locations in Samoa, Fiji (Nadi and Nausori), Tonga, Vanuatu (Port Vila and Santo) and American Samoa. Our money exchange booths are always open when your flight arrives or departs.

In New Zealand, we now have 17 stores accross Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua and Dunedin. We buy and sell over 50 currencies, so wherever you're heading, we should be able to help.

So why do customers choose No1 Currency to transfer money?

There are plenty of great benefits to highlight to your audiences.

Keep Track of Your Money
Know exactly where your money is every step of the way.

Great Rates
Exchange rates guaranteed to beat the banks.

Simple to Use
Sending money overseas has never been easier.

Safe and Secure
Your money is 100% secure from start to finish.

iOS or Android, we put it all in the palm of your hand.

Programme Highlights

We accept affiliates worldwide, including international websites
  • Average order value of $1,200 approx.
  • Earn $4.00 for a currency order above $200 and below $1,000
  • Earn $8.00 for a currency order above $1,000 and below $3,000
  • Earn $20.00 for a currency order above $3,000
  • Real-time tracking, deep linking and multiple optimisation tools
  • Frequently updated creative in a range of designs - and the ability to do custom creatives
  • We accept affiliates worldwide, including international websites

How does it work

Affiliate marketing is when an advertiser (in this case No1 Currency) pays a commission to an individual, company or website owner for referring a new customer. Everything is tracked using the SLICE Digital tracking platform in real time and you can see how much money you have made in your online interface.

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