My Food Bag Affiliate Program has Arrived!


At S.L.I.C.E Digital we are excited to announce that My Food Bag has chosen our affiliate network for launching the affiliate programs of My Food Bag, Bargain Box, Fresh Start, and Made.


My Food Bag has chosen a local network to help target the New Zealand market and has put faith in working with a Kiwi company (with local knowledge of the sector here in Aotearoa).  The big advantage of choosing a New Zealand-focused network is that we work with local brands, and this helps us attract publishers with a focus on the New Zealand market.


Affiliate marketing in New Zealand has taken off in recent years, and, in part, this has been accelerated by the affective handing of the pandemic - with lockdowns being a distant memory now.  This has meant that New Zealand came in to focus as a market where people could still book a trip, get products delivered (and without restrictions), and resume normal spending quickly after the first lockdown. This has all combined to make New Zealand a great place for publishers looking to expand in other English-speaking markets.


This has meant publishers across the ditch in Australia are now focusing more and more on New Zealand. New Zealand also now has enough big brands to justify the effort of targeting this region, with 100+ programs on S.L.I.C.E Digital alone.  One challenge for publishers initially in New Zealand had been that the region had been slightly "missed off the map" and, particularly on some of the large US networks, they would have programs that purported to service New Zealand but in reality, the costs of delivery here meant they weren't a practical proposition. E.g. if you wanted to buy a pair of socks from somewhere like Macy's - if it costs $20.00 to ship here and will take one month it might not be great for the consumer.


This is where S.L.IC.E Digital fits in. By focusing on New Zealand-focused brands, this helps us attract and recruit New Zealand-focused publishers. The more New Zealand-focused publishers we have, the more attractive it is for a brand to have an affiliate program on our network.

Having brands like My Food Bag choosing our local network is a huge compliment, and a great asset for growing affiliate marketing further in Aotearoa.

You can see further details about the My Food Bag Brand at


The My Food Bag Brands With Affiliate Programs