Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

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Today, we are starting with the introduction to Affiliate Marketing, also known as referral marketing.
Why has Affiliate Marketing been gaining popularity over the past couple of years?
E-commerce and using the Internet as part of an informed decision to purchase has become the norm for consumers. High consumer confidence and an increased range of choice have created a marketplace with room for established brands and newcomers alike, with heavy investment in marketing, technology and accountability.
The increased potential and competition within the online arena is driving a new generation of innovation in performance marketing, with Affiliate Marketing leading the vanguard, changing how consumers select and interact with online retailers and service providers.
How can you use Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing can be an effective part of your online marketing strategy because it increases the reach of your brand without increasing upfront costs. A multitude of affiliate publishers represent your brand, products or services in the way you want and are rewarded only when they generate real results for your business.
Online retailers and service providers are increasingly being represented by thousands of affiliates, with support and infrastructure provided by organised affiliate networks and agencies.
Does Affiliate Marketing exist in New Zealand?
There are thousands of affiliate networks that exist around the world. Many countries have been successfully building and growing their affiliate networks. However, there wasn’t a dedicated solution for the New Zealand market. That is why we created Slice Digital, a rapidly growing affiliate marketing network for Kiwi businesses and individuals.
Online retailers and service providers are increasingly being represented by hundreds of affiliates in New Zealand. If you want to become a part of a growing affiliate network, it’s very easy to get started. And, best of all, it’s free of charge.
Sign up for Slice Digital today. You can either become our publisher to start advertising online retailers and service providers and earn passive income, or become an advertiser and grow your business with our affiliate network.