Follow the Aussies: New Zealand companies need to get behind affiliate marketing!

Follow the Aussies: New Zealand companies need to get behind affiliate marketing!

One country that’s seeing major growth in affiliate marketing is Australia. A recent industry report found that affiliate marketing continues to be a powerful marketing channel for Australian brands and advertisers. The report found that even with major disruptions like the global pandemic, affiliate marketing continues to grow and positively impact many businesses. 

So, if you're a New Zealand brand or business, you may be curious to know if it’s right for you. 

Spoiler alert- it definitely is! But don’t just take our word for it. Let us walk you through the major findings of the report that reveal why you should definitely get into affiliate marketing!

What’s affiliate marketing?

Before we dive in, here’s a quick reminder of what affiliate marketing is. 

Affiliate marketing is when a company features a link to a brand or advertiser on their website. If a purchase is made or a desired result that the brand wants is achieved using that link then the company (the affiliate) will be paid a commission. 


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Now let’s dive into this industry report!

Recently, IAB Australia Affiliate Marketing Working Group published their industry report for 2022. The findings for the report come from a survey they undertook during the December 2021 to January 2022 period, obtaining responses from over 140 industry individuals who run affiliate marketing programmes in Australia. The survey’s aim was to find out the experiences of advertisers and brands when it comes to affiliate marketing. 

The report showed a growth in brands undertaking affiliate marketing with 61% of participants having 3 years or less experience with the marketing practice, up from 48% in 2021. There’s a variety of business sectors taking on affiliate marketing programmes, with nearly half of the participants operating in the retail sector, while others are in fashion, technology, travel, food and beverages, and more. It’s clear too that Australian brands see the importance of affiliate marketing for their business. 60% of participants say they invest more than $10k a month on it, up from 54% in 2021.

It’s evident from the results of the survey that there’s major growth in affiliate marketing in Australia with more businesses getting behind it compared to 2021. But it’s not just that there’s been more uptake, the report also shows that brands have benefited financially from affiliate marketing! 

A major contributor to online revenue! 

Affiliate marketing has become a major contributor to many Australian brands’ online revenues. For almost all of the individuals surveyed (82%), they reported affiliate marketing making up to 20% of their online revenue. A further 7% of participants reported more than 20% of their revenue coming from it. This makes it clear that affiliate marketing is positively impacting many businesses’ revenues. 

Return on investment is strong

Not only has affiliate marketing contributed greatly to online revenue for many participants, it’s also proven to deliver a better return on investment (ROI) than other marketing tactics. 72% of participants rated affiliate marketing as 7 or above out of 10 as delivering stronger ROI than other marketing strategies, with an average rating of 7.8/10. This shows that it’s definitely worth the money to be investing in affiliate marketing!

Incredible success in acquiring AND retaining customers

When it comes to business, it’s really important to gain new customers and keep them! Affiliate marketing is great at doing both. 65% of respondents rated affiliate marketing at a score of 7 or above out of 10 for delivering stronger customer acquisition (gaining new customers) than other marketing strategies. It scored an average of 7.3/10. When it comes to customer retention (being able to keep new customers), 43% of participants rated affiliate marketing as 7 or above out of 10 compared to other marketing strategies. It scored an average of 6.5/10. So as you can see, affiliate marketing is a major force in bringing in new customers and making sure they stay around!

Growth even during a global pandemic

The global pandemic has resulted in major losses across many industries. Yet, revenue through affiliate marketing actually increased during these turbulent times. 75% of participants said their affiliate revenue increased, with most businesses (75%) seeing an overall increase in their business during the pandemic. So, even in tough times like these, affiliate marketing is still able to help businesses succeed. That’s pretty incredible! 

Here’s what brands are looking for! 

With the proven success of affiliate marketing, many brands and advertisers are increasing how many affiliates they add to their programmes. The majority of participants (83%) are adding affiliates to their programmes monthly. 47% are adding affiliates on a weekly basis! They’re also continuing to grow their exclusive promotions for affiliates. 72% of brands are offering affiliates exclusive deals. This is up from last year’s 68%. 

So it’s pretty obvious that now’s a great time to be a business wanting to become an affiliate! This may have you thinking: what are brands and advertisers most interested in? 

Well according to the report, brands are favouring two things. The first being reward models (like cashback or loyalty programmes) being the preferred affiliate avenue. The second thing is volume of sales. Brands consider how their affiliate programmes affect their volume of sales more so than their ROI, customer acquisition or customer retention. 

This is great information to know for any businesses wanting to jump into the affiliate marketing game! Now you know what brands are thinking about!  

If you’re a Kiwi business…you must get involved now! 

So as you can see, affiliate marketing is growing massively in Australia. But it makes you wonder…why isn’t New Zealand getting involved?! 

It seems like New Zealand businesses haven’t yet caught onto just how effective affiliate marketing can be. We hope that what we’ve highlighted from this report changes that perception! While there’s some movement in affiliate marketing in this country, we have a lot of catching up to do if we want to succeed like the Aussies.

So if you’re a Kiwi brand, then get involved and don’t overlook this powerful marketing tool! If you’re a Kiwi business and are wanting to grow then you need to start thinking about becoming an affiliate.

So get into it!

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So all in all, we think it’s about time we step it up and beat the Aussies! If we’re already beating them at rugby…why not in affiliate marketing too?! 

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