Finder case study is one of our top earning affiliates on the network. had joined the S.L.I.C.E Digital affiliate network in early 2018 but originally was only promoting one of our remittance websites. However, through increased affiliate engagement they have grown to become one of our top earning affiliates on the network.

In March we featured there media deck (with additional exposure opportunities) when we sent the monthly performance / approvals email to all our advertiser. This not only served as a strong compliment to the affiliate but also assisted in encouraging them to work closer with our network.

Finder is a huge name across the ditch in Oz, with roughly 2 million site visitors every month and they now have an NZ team and are hoping to replicate there success in Oz here in New Zealand. Finder launched a shopping section and this has been a good match for many of our advertiser offers.

Finder also offered addition opportunities for advertisers and these included social media shout outs, an email subscription list of NZ Finder members, and a Paylater 48-hour sale where they promote brands using PayLater payment plans. Finders increased activity also coincided with us sharing more information with affiliates on a monthly basis, and us standardizing the approval date and payment dates. We introduced a performance email which summaries performance, clicks, and locked conversions, and this gave a clear overview every month of how they were performing and how much they were earning.

Finder now promote a large number of our homeware advertisers and these campaigns generally have both large average order values and high commission levels, so is a desirable niche to promote. This also means the affiliate can justify putting in more effort as the rewards for these efforts can be very good.