Hallenstein Brothers (AU)

Hallenstein Brothers (AU) Affiliate Program

Hallenstein Brothers is an NZ based men’s fashion retailer established back in 1873. We have always been leaders in men’s fashion and while we have history we’re always looking forward. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve through our energy, good vibes and always keeping an eye in the sky and an ear to the ground.

We have a dedication to delivering quality and integrity as well as focusing on the cutting edge ­ and our amazing team is a huge part of that. 

They are an iconic household brand in New Zealand and Australia, but we’re not happy to rest on that ­ we’re looking for people who want to challenge themselves and the industry; people who keep it fresh and exciting. We think there is always something to be said for the see.  


Program highlights

  • 6.4% commission

  • 30 day cookie period

  • Known brand

  • Lots of creatives

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