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Catch of The Day Affiliate Program

Start monetising your online traffic via the Catch of The Day affiliate program. We believe in building relationships and are here for you. The process is simple and free to join.

So why Become a Catch Partner? You can earn commission via your preferred online channel, website, blog, vlog and social media.

If you're an authority on retail, fashion, beauty, cooking, the great outdoors, babies, tech and everything in between; and can inspire and motivate your community of followers, we're interested in you


Program highlights

  • Hugely popular brand

  • 2% commission

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How does it work

Affiliate marketing is when an advertiser pays a commission to an individual, company or website owner for referring a new customer. Everything is tracked using the SLICE Digital tracking platform in real time and you can see how much money you have made in your online interface.

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