Bizcover Affiliate Program

Since 2008, BizCover has been proud to be the first online business insurance comparison sites in Australia and New Zealand – and arguably in the world.

We have gone to great lengths to simplify the process of purchasing insurance for small businesses by creating an online platform that allows you to instantly compare quotes, select and buy a policy tailored for your business, in a matter of minutes.

We offer a range of products from New Zealand’s leading insurers, including DUAL, AIG, and QBE. With the option to include Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, and Business Insurance, we will ensure you get the best cover for your business at the right price.


Program highlights

  • 6% commission

  • Bespoke landing pages

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How does it work

Affiliate marketing is when an advertiser pays a commission to an individual, company or website owner for referring a new customer. Everything is tracked using the SLICE Digital tracking platform in real time and you can see how much money you have made in your online interface.

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