An Astute Assembly

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Carefully curated by Yoko Shimoyama and Yuka O'Shannessy, An Astute Assembly offer a selection of stunning homeware, clothing, children's goods and accessories from around the world, with strong ties to their two home countries - New Zealand and Japan.

An Astute Assembly focuses their attention on revived craftsmanship, particularly within their Japanese collection where centuries old techniques have all but been lost and now only practiced by a limited few.

They strive to celebrate the people behind the craft; and represent artists, not merely distribute their work. Their collection is more than just products; it’s the end result of artisans honing their skills over many years, in some cases centuries.

The tradition in these refined skills is something that is often overlooked and we’re here to celebrate it; to make it relevant to a modern audience. Everything in our collection has its own story and we’re here to help the creator tell this story to the world. 

If you have a relevant audience, An Astute Assembly's affiliate program could be a great fit fo you.


Program highlights

  • 8% commission

  • 30 day cookie period

  • Wide product range plus workshops

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