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OrbitRemit Affiliate program

OrbitRemit is one of our advertisers on the Slice Digital affiliate network among many others. OrbitRemit offers competitive commissions to publishers who choose to promote it to their audiences. There is a great number of reasons to get started and advertise Uber on your website. With a wide range of […]

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Being the leading Affiliate Marketing business in New Zealand, we wanted to give both advertisers and publishers on our affiliate network the most value. That is why we are starting the series of posts on “An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing” at Slice Digital. We are going to talk about the […]

Thanks to our New Zealand affiliates

We wanted to take a moment and share great news at S.L.I.C.E. Digital. Between the months of January and March, we have seen a 64,2% increase in affiliate clicks. That is a significant increase, thanks to our active affiliates. We have got 79 advertisers with unique offers available in our […]

Spotlight NZ on SLICE

Spotlight NZ at SLICE

This week’s featured affiliate program on SLICE is Spotlight NZ, which has almost everything you need to kit out your home. Kitchen and dining spaces, lounge and bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries are all covered by the Spotlight online store. The ranges of haberdashery and craft have expanded, and the party section can […]

Affiliate Marketing or Google AdSense: What makes more money?

Make money from your blog or social media profile Most bloggers and social media influencers enjoy what they do… but they also want to make money from their passion. We don’t know many bloggers who don’t want to make more money from their blogs or channels but what we do […]

Want to make money online? Become an Affiliate

Become an Affiliate NZ

Want to earn a passive income online? Then affiliate marketing may well be for you. If you have a passion or interest then why not turn it into a blog? If you have a blog, then why not make money from it? Affiliate marketing is a form of referral marketing […]

IAB Affiliate Marketing Handbook Signals Affiliate Industry’s Big Plans for Australia & New Zealand

IAB Australia’s Affiliate Marketing Working Group has published the first ever Affiliate Industry handbook for the Australian market. Whilst not New Zealand specific, this is the closest we have to a document highlighting the affiliate industry and is a useful guide for anyone looking to launch an affiliate marketing program. […]

Affiliate Marketing as part of the marketing mix

affiliate-marketing in the marketing mix

How affiliate marketing impacts retailers “Clicks and Mortar” Clicks and Mortar businesses are multi-channel businesses that reach their customers online and using other methods, typically through shopping malls or direct marketing (mail order, telesales). The e-commerce provision of such organisations usually grows out of an existing offline business, which provides […]

Affiliate Marketing FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Power of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a relatively new marketing channel in New Zealand and there are often some frequently asked questions from advertisers considering an affiliate marketing solution to help drive their online sales.  We have outlined a selection of common affiliate marketing queries below… if you have any questions or want […]