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Boost your Online Revenue this Christmas – October Promotion

Christmas Offers

S.L.I.C.E. Digital will help you to boost your online revenue this Christmas and get 2019 off to a flyer with our October Offers. Affiliate Marketing is a form of […]

Blackwell & Sons Program Launch

Blackwell and Sons specializes in the fabrication of magnificent hand-built Pashley bicycles, which are built for style, reliability and comfort rather than blinding speed. Their […]

Onceit Affiliate Program

ONCEIT will provide you with everything you need to start earning BIG affiliate commissions is a daily deal website offering premium designer brands across […]

We are a Finalist! Thank You For Your Support

IAB NZ has announced the finalists of the IABNZ Awards for 2018. There are 69 entries across 15 categories with 37 finalists. The winners set to […]

Why affiliate marketing is so much better than influencer and referral marketing

What is the difference between affiliate marketing, a referral program and an influencer campaign?  And which is best for the New Zealand market? With the […]

Affiliate Marketing in NZ – What is it and how can I do it?

Affiliate Marketing in NZ

Well, it is a simple methodology and as the specialists in affiliate marketing in New Zealand, here at SLICE Digital we’re very well qualified to […]

The Technology Behind Affiliate Marketing

Tracking Affiliate tracking is usually provided by a dedicated solutions provider. For the majority of affiliate programmes, this is provided by an affiliate network, though […]

Blockchain and its Implications for the Affiliate Industry

Blockchain technology is taking shape and aims to revolutionise business. But what are the implications for the digital marketing industry and affiliate marketing in particular? The main […]

Types of Affiliates

There are various types of affiliates that are commonly found in affiliate marketing. Below is the list of all the affiliates with descriptions to get […]

Affiliate Marketing Terminology

There is a number of terms frequently used in affiliate marketing. We wanted to give a quick description of the most common terms you can […]