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Affiliate Marketing as part of the marketing mix

11 October 2016
affiliate-marketing in the marketing mix

How affiliate marketing impacts retailers

“Clicks and Mortar”

Clicks and Mortar businesses are multi-channel businesses that reach their customers online and using other methods, typically through shopping malls or direct marketing (mail order, telesales). The e-commerce provision of such organisations usually grows out of an existing offline business, which provides credibility, experience and economies of scale to support the online operation as it establishes itself.

Pure-Play Online Retailer

The Pure-Play business model is based solely in an e-commerce environment, reducing costs and increasing the relevance and impact of performance marketing channels.

Both channels are eminently suited to Affiliate Marketing, with different strengths and weaknesses:

Clicks and Mortar retailers benefit from brand recognition and brand reinforcement from offline advertising, but have to balance online and offline promotions carefully.

Pure-play merchants exist solely online and have traditionally been quicker off the blocks to embrace new developments in online marketing. As the performance marketing sector matures the gap is closing fast, but as a trade off online brands are now enjoying the brand recognition typically afforded to bricks and mortar organisations, the biggest example in New Zealand is of course

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